Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pickle Ball

We finally got a chance to play Pickle Ball.  It was a beautiful day, 55, and I had a Saturday off.  We headed to Monument Park and joined a group for lots of fun.  Pickle Ball is a cross between tennis and ping pong.  We play with an oversize paddle and a whiffle ball.  the court is smaller than a tennis court but we still get a work out.  Here is a picture of Gary playing, but I did play too. 
After playing all morning we came home to Advil.  We were both out of shape!! We do plan to go back although we do need  a lot of practice.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Nook Holder

since I haven't blogged in a year, the Blog world has changed.  I am trying to get used to the new format.  Ugh!! I have change in the technological world.  Otherwise I love change.

Anyway, I loved what Naomi (DIL) wrote about unfinished projects.  Her blog is listed on the side, and you can link it there.  She talks about her unfinished art projects, but I can relate to it in the quilt world.  I love to start something new, but then it just becomes a UFO and nags at me until it is complete.  I am getting better about not starting something new, or about buying new fabric to start something new.  Right now I don't have any quilts that are cut and started.  I do have several wool projects that require handwork and am trying to work on those.  I also have several fabric groupings that could be sewn up, but since I haven't actually started them I am not counting them

So this week I did a little fun sewing and made a stand for my Nook.  I read in bed at night with it and like it propped up.  For a while I rolled up a towel and leaned the Nook on it, but it never really stayed for long.  I found this on Pinterest and it works great.   Here is where I found the directions

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quilt Finishes 2013

After seeing Naomi's blog  (DIL) start up again and enjoying it so much, I decided that I should try and blog again.  Since not  much is going on in our life right now, except the cold weather I thought I could at least show the quilts that I have finished this year.  Yes it is only January and I have 3 quilts finished.  Really it is only one quilt that I finished this year, the other 2 were at the quilter's in December, but I just got them back and then put the binding on.  So I count them as finished in this year.  
The first quilt is one that I bought at an antique shop in wheeler Oregon.  I call these rescue quilts, as basically it was just a top and I put a backing on it and had it quilted.   My husband keeps asking what am I going to do with it and I said I just did, I rescued it.  
The second quilt is a scrappy hexagon quilt that I finished on our Oregon trip this fall.  They are 2" hexagons, and I used the Primitive Gatherings Little Primitive fabric.  I am very happy with it as it looks good on my brown couch.  Not sure that I would make another, it is fun to make the hexagons but not so much fun sewing them together.  
The last quilt is Farmers Wife.  I was tired of using dark fabrics so I tried something lighter and I am pleased with the way it turned out.  I found a setting that was different, setting every other square on point .  I liked the "modern" look that it gave the quilt.  Also it really stretched the squares that I had, only 42 squares. 
Now I have 4 other quilts at the quilters and as soon as I get them back I will bind them and post about them.  I did 4 BOM last year, waaay too many.  So this year I am just finishing up things that I have started.  Betty