Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Live Nativity

Tonight we went downtown to the live Nativity, complete with pettyng animals. Elise loved the animals. It started to snow while we were down there. the snow just piled up on the llama and he didn't seem to mind. Love that wool. Elise even got to held baby Jesus. Inside we had cookies and cocoa, and warmed up and Corinna had her bottle. It was a good evening to reflect back on what the first Christmas was like.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Poses

Sarah, Elise & Corinna were over last night and we took a few poses in front of the tree. Luckily for us the girls cooperated and we got a few great shots of them.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Christmas Quilt

This year I finished Winter Wonderland, and was able to get it to the quilter in time so that it could be quilted in time for Christmas. I mostly enjoyed doing the embroidery, but I am most happy that it is finished.

Ready for Christmas

Elise & Corinna has been at our house helping us get ready for Christmas. First Elise dressed Ruthie, then they tried on hats. Next Elise made some cards. It takes a lot of concentration to write your name. Then the girls played with the gingerbread dolls. Yes they are ready for Christmas!

Grandpa's Birthday

Last Thursday we drove up to Castle Rock to meet family for Gary's birthday. The trip turned out good, despite the snow in the Springs. Everyone had a good time. Tim is hiding his good time behind his menu...

Rocket liked the corn bread and honey, and Elise like the rolls. No one left hungry.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hanging out at Grandma's

Tim was out of town this weekend, well, really he was in Moab with his Dad & brother. So Sarah, Elise, & Corinna hang out a lot at Grandma & Grandpa's. While there we
watched Corinna sleep...
Elise had her toes done by Grandma, and played with princess stickers

We took smiling pictures of Corinna, while Elise ran outside to get energy run off.
We also took Elise to the mall to play and went to Corinna's baby shower. It was a full weekend.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Annual Pumpkin Farm Trip

This year we tried something different for our fall outing. We usually go to Loveland and pick pumpkins and play at the statue park, but the drive is 2 hours away. We found a pumpkin playground in Monument half way between Matt & us. They had a big slide, 2 mazes and we got a tractor ride. And of course they each got a pumpkin. After so much fun, the ride home was very quiet!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Elk & Deer

We ended up with a three day weekend, which is unusual for us. In order to cut costs the Post Office now requires Gary to take his holiday instead of banking them for future use. So in spite of the cold weather we decided to take a break and head north. We ended up in Estes Park. As we were leaving I commented that I didn't get any pictures to blog about. Just then we came across this heard of Elk & deer in the middle of town. The big bull just sat there keeping his eye on his heard. He then got up and ambled across the road. Gary then turned to me and said there is your blogging story. Tomorrow we head home, after some shopping.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our New Grandaughter

She is finally here. Corinne Lynne came home today so that we could all see her. Elise was very excited. All afternoon while playing, she would stop and say "I am so excited my baby sister is coming home today". Elise got to hold her and see for herself that she is more than a doll baby, she is real and here to stay for us to welcome to our family and love. Betty

Monday, September 14, 2009

Christmas Wishes - Gail Pan Finished almost

I am ready for Christmas - just kidding. Gail Pan had a free stitchery pattern each month since January. The last square came in September so it was time to finish the quilt. It is put together but not quilted yet. Not sure how I am going to quilt it but it feels good to be at least this much done.
I had the border fabric for several years and was waiting for just the right project to use it in. When I saw the quilt I knew this was perfect. My border is wider than what Gail suggests, but I had 1/2 yard and decided that the best use of this was to make a border 4 1/2 in wide and use up all the fabric.
The stitcherys were so much fun to make, they went together in about an hour. I would watch each month for the new one to appear on Gail's blog. Now on to finishing other things if I don't find anything else on the internet. Betty

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Waiting For Fall & The Great Pumpkin

I finished this quilt late last fall and got it back from the quilter just as I was putting up Christmas decorations. So I folded it up and put it away until I could hang it this fall. All summer I patiently waited wondering if I could put it up a little early. But I was good and waited for the right time. The days are getting shorter and the nights cooler. Fall is in the air. Now is the time. I love fall and all the decorations that go with it. Betty

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

40 Years

Last week we celebrated our 40th anniversary. When you first get married 40 years sound so far away and then in a blink of an eye you made it to 40 years. It hardly seems possible. I look back and think of the 20 years in the Army, 3 children, 7+ grandchildren and thank God for all these blessings. We couldn't have made it without the Lord looking over our lives and marriage.

We celebrated by taking a week and traveling in Ohio. We wanted to go somewhere we had never been to. Most of last weeks blogs tell of all the things we did. When we got home we found a gift basket. The 40th anniversary is the Ruby. Our 3 very creative children and their spouses, put together a red basket. In it were 40 red things. There were red toothbrushes, red duct tape, a red flashlight, red thread, red stickers, red picture frames, red licorice and many other things. We had fun unpacking and finding all the goodies they included. There were also serious gifts in the form of gift cards to Red Lobster, Red Robin, and Ruby Tuesday.

So this is a big Thank You to our kids for thinking of us on this special day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chihuly Art

Today we went to the Botanical Gardens where Chihuly had a blown glass exhibit. It was amazing how they incorporated the art into the gardens. I know my pictures don't do it justice but here are a few pictures to give you the idea. Our favorite was the butterfly pavilion. There were many butterflies around the glass. It was so beautiful to see God's beauty and man's beauty side by side. Gary said that it is ironic that we came to Columbus to see a Seattle artist. But it works. Betty

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Canan Boat Ride Alpine Horns & German Town

Sorry I couldn't blog last night we didn't have internet in the room, just the lounge. So I'll catch you up on our activities. We actually got to take a Canal Boat ride. The other day when we were near the boats it was raining and we couldn't do a ride. But Friday was a beautiful balmy day, perfect for a ride. The boat man had us close our eyes and no talking for a minute. It is so peaceful. Because the boat is pulled by horse or mule there is no engine sound.

Then we found a Swiss museum and learned about Alpine Horns. they were made in Switzerland so then when the men took the cows up the hills to greener grass, he could communicate with his family. Each horn had it's distinct sound that his family knew who he was talking to. We also learned how they were made. The horn maker carved the whole outside first. Then he split it in half and carved out the inside. He then glued it together and wrapped it with chair canning. Didn't you always wonder?

Today we found a section in Columbus called German Town. there was a beautiful park with many flowers. Around the park they had stones with philosophy saying on them, in English and German. I took several pictures of them but this was our favorite. Sorry it is on it's side, not sure why, but that's the way it turned out. Betty