Sunday, April 24, 2011

Almost Finished

I know that I haven't been posting on a regular basis, and now I have 4 posts done. Sorry, it's feast or famine. Mostly I have been working on my baskets. I made 170 of them and finally got them sewn together. Now I just have to figure out a border. I am thinking blue, but have been trying many colors. I will post a picture later when it is finished.


We thought that with Easter being later this year, we would have a chance at warmer weather. But no, this is Colorado, and we woke up to snow. Not a lot, but enough to make it feel cold. but that doesn't stop us from celebrating. We had the traditional egg hunt, and picture with the eggs making the year. Tim said this was the easiest year to make, just 2 straight lines. Yea.

Rocket turns 9

Rocket had his ninth Birthday this last week. We were able to go up for his party. It was a science experiment party. They made slime or gack, or whatever it is called. The kids had lots of fun. Naomi did a wonderful job on his cake. Rocket said it had to be better than Cake boss, and I think she succeeded.

Summer maybe, or just a trick?

Earlier this week it was very warm, and Elise talked Grandpa into putting up the fountain, she said it felt like summer. Elise helped with the rocks, and Corinna helped with the tools, Soon they were playing in the water. But on Easter Sunday we woke up to snow and the fountain was covered. I guess it is not summer yet, just spring in Colorado. This morning I heard on the TV, that only in Colorado we have a green Christmas, and a white Easter. How true.