Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vacation Week

Here are a few of the highlights from Becca's Vacation Week here in Colorado. We spent time at playgrounds, went to the butterfly Pavilion, where we held tarantulas. We ate at Casa Bonitas, and the kids were able to do a recording at focus on the Family. it was a fun filled week.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An Art Adventure

Naomi is redecorating the bathroom in their renovated church. She took some old Bibles and decopauged them on the doors. Then she is tiling the walls with pennies. These are pictures of the work although it is not finished yet. It is something to see.

After Christmas Fun

After Christmas we had some family fun. The library had a lego day and we all made something. Then we went minature golfing and played at the mall. At home the girls played Barbies, Grandma made a Tebow sweater for Friday, and Rocket & Elise helped to make "roll - up" pancakes.

Christmas Celebrations

After our trip to Oregon we stayed in Denver with Matthew for Christmas. We went to his church for Christmas Eve Candlelight service. Then we came home for a puppet show by Roxanne. christmas morning brought many gifts, all the men getting Tebow shirts. Then we joined Sarah for dinner, presents and pictures.

Oregon Trip

We took a quick trip to Portland where we hosted a small family gathering. My 2 sisters and their families came for lunch, and an afternoon of talking and picture taking.

Christmas Angel

This Christmas Elise was an angel in her church Christmas play. Then we took a family photo at their church.