Monday, July 28, 2008

The good & the not so good

I honestly can't say that this was my most favorite camping trip. I came home very tired and had a negative attitude, but now 24 hours later I do have a better attitude. I'll list the things I did not enjoy and then get on to the good.
The not so good:
1. The drive up the mountain. I hate steep rough roads, and that is exactly what we had to drive on to get to our camping place.
2. We were really roughing it without even pit toilets.
3. Naomi & Matt took a tumble on the ATV.
4. There were bugs everywhere.
5. It rained partly on Saturday.
The good:
1. We kept the tradition of making up names for each of us and put them on our cups. Mine was "Nervous Nellie" Dad was "The Old Man"
2. Cousins had plenty of play time with each other.
3. Naomi & Matt weren't hurt in their ATV tumble.
4. We got some exercise taking lots of walk.
5. I took lots of pictures and here are a few of my favorites.

Matt & family and we got their first and had to let Sarah & family know where we were camping. Our resident artist, Naomi, made a sign and Rocket posed for the camera while we were waiting for them.

Roxanne & Elise road for a short trip sitting on the ice chest.
6. I learned two things on this trip. One is that Naomi fits in a 3 year old's car seat. The other is that LOL means laugh out loud. I had thought it meant lots of luck.

7. We built a really big fire with a tree stump that Naomi & Tim found.
8. Everyone helped with cooking chores.
9. There is always a funny face inside Rocket and sometimes we are lucky enough to catch it on film.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer fun

After viewing Naomi's Art show we had a picnic and spent the evening playing with the Grandkids. Grandma had brought kids tattoo stamps and everyone had their favorite.
Don't worry they are not permanent!

We also spent some time at the playground, Rocket tried a new trick, and the girls loved the swing that they shared.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Fourth -Food , Faces, & Flags

We spent the 4th having a picnic with Sarah, Tim & Elise at Memorial Park. We also stayed for the symphony & fireworks. Grandpa & Elise enjoyed the ice cream that we brought.We didn't plan it, but we ended up wearing red t shirts, so we tried for a group photo. Grandpa started acting up and we all followed, but eventually we did get a good photo.
And of course what is the 4th without flags.