Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Fourth -Food , Faces, & Flags

We spent the 4th having a picnic with Sarah, Tim & Elise at Memorial Park. We also stayed for the symphony & fireworks. Grandpa & Elise enjoyed the ice cream that we brought.We didn't plan it, but we ended up wearing red t shirts, so we tried for a group photo. Grandpa started acting up and we all followed, but eventually we did get a good photo.
And of course what is the 4th without flags.


the AB club said...

That picture is awesom. Again, wish we could have been there.

Naomi said...

Oh, the pics of you guys with Elise are great!!

Sarah said...

I am sure that my opinion is a little biased, but I love them all! She is too cute! And again, mom beat me to the post, but I have video!