Tuesday, September 27, 2011


No it was not a protest. It was a rally at City Hall to help save the Post Office. I chuckle to myself to think that we grew up in the 60's when there was a lot of protesting. And we didn't participate in any of them. So now, we are in our 60's, we start attending them. But it is for a good cause. We need the Post Office and Gary needs a job. It was a very unique experience.

Another September Birthday

We had a second birthday here last week. Corinna turned 2. We had a BBQ, presents, cousins, and cake & ice cream. Corinna loved to open her gifts, and chocolate cake was also a favorite. The tired Momma looks like she enjoyed the cake also.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Roxanne'a Birthday

Roxanne had her 8th Birthday at our house on Saturday. She had Patrick cake (from Sponge Bob). We played a get to know Roxanne game and then everyone played with her favorite gift, a microphone. It was great to celebrate with her.


We ended the summer with a family picnic in Denver.
Rocket caught grasshoppers that were in abundance int he park, the girls played in the water, and Grandpa bought ice cream for the kids. It was a relaxing Labor Day.