Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sand Castles

Saturday was the sand castle contest in Cannon Beach.  We were so lucky it was not raining!  It is so amazing to see what people can create out of sand, and then when the tide comes in it is all washed away.  We enjoyed seeing the whole process from the beginning forms and how the sand is packed to hold up, and then on to the sculpting. 

Cruise 2

I think that our favorite town was Skagway.  It had all the charm of a small town - population 800.  They have as many churches and saloons, because during the gold rush days those in charge felt they needed some good with the not so good. So they decided that before you could build a saloon you had to build a church.  Yea.  We took a bus trip to the summet where men climbed to seek gold.  Amazing that they made it over snow packed mountains.  So here are a few of our favorite photos. 

Cruise 1

Sorry for so long to post pictures from our cruise, we don't have access to the internet very often.  Here are a few of the pictures and I will try and post again to show some more.